I am a developer working out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have a broad range of development experience in all sorts of technologies including web, embedded, mobile, unix and windows.


I love Systems programming

I tend to work with a focus on the hardware underneath. I've worked on the internals for both the BlackBerry and Android operating systems.

I also do Frameworks / SDKs

I'm also familiar with making Frameworks and SDKs. Everything from C,C++, Python and even JavaScript (bindings).

I do tooling

I enjoy making tools for other developers. Including IDE's and debuggers.

I do services

Need a high performance back end? I do that too.

Web Apps

I routinely use JS, PHP and Python, but they tend to supplement my C,C++ work that does the heavy lifting.

I'm not really a (mobile) app developer

Although I know BlackBerry and Android inside and out, I don't really make apps. I've worked on the underlying internals (see above!). I'm sure I can do it if you need me to.

I'm not a designer / front-end developer

I know CSS/JavaScript well, but I am not a guru. I don't know the latest frameworks like Angular and Ember.js.