DIY: Indoor Workbench

The workbench. Aside from a floor it's the most important surface for any handyman. I don't have a garage, and my floors and dinner table are too fancy to solder electronics and dismantle car parts on. I needed to make a mini work bench.


  • Lots of 2x2 pine
  • Some scrap 2x6 pine cut down to make more 2x2 pine
  • 1x36 sheet of pine
  • some peg board
  • screws
  • peg board hangers

Step 1:
Doodle something, put it in your back pocket and forget about it for a while. I think one part is for a TV stand:

Step 2:
Sketchup model:

Step 3:
Cut frame pieces down to size:

Step 4:
I'm joining everything with pocket holes. As this goes into a furnished basement, I want it to look a tiny bit pretty. So drill pocket holes in everything. My cordless drill ran out of juice half way through. I also sanded everything down lightly so it's not as rough. Again it's going indoors so lets make it pretty.

Step 5:
Make the sides of the table first. Line them up and clamp them still.

Connect the sides together with the longer pieces:

Frame complete!

Step 6: Table top.
Need to make notches for the back legs. Wood was splitting. This is when I realize there won't be enough wood left for the bottom shelf.

Step 7: Install the pegboard.

At some point during the pegboard installation I made recessed holes, and put in wood screws through the frame to secure the table top.


I'll get wood for the bottom shelf later.