Military Forces / MFQ3

Languages: C, C++
Date: 2000-2007
Source: MilitaryForces @ Github

Military Forces is a free and open source team-based flight and ground combat simulator. Started sometime between 2000 and 2001. This is the third generation of the Air Quake series gone standalone. This time Military Forces or Military Forces Quake 3 (MFQ3 for short) builds upon the Quake III Arena engine by iD software converting it from a first person shooter into a flight simulator. Bjoern Drabeck, the creator of AirQuake 2 is the project leader. I myself have been involved in almost every aspect of development. Web design/maintinence, sounds, 3D Modeling, texturing, skinning, some secondary project lead stuff, and most importantly coding :) . I used to spend most of my free time on this (if any).

Features Included:

  • Mission Editor for Multiplayer and Singleplayer scenarios
  • Weapon Hardpoints
  • Gamesets (WW1, WW2, Modern)
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Wheeled and tracked Vehicles
  • Boats and Submarines
  • Ground Troops
  • Radar
  • AI (though they're not too bright)
  • Nuclear Weapons


Languages: C#, .NET
Date: 2005-2006
Source: Smile @ Github
A screenshot & statistics utility for Quake and Source based FPS games. The goal of this project was to take a screenshot or animation everytime you get a 'kill' in the game. In addition to this it kept track of various statistics that can be exported. I'm not a gamer myself, but this had enough interest (thousands of downloads) and popularity to continue development. Smile! is not just for games. It can be used as a regular screen capture utility with the built-in hotkey support that allows you to capture an active window or your entire desktop. ### Supported Games: * Counter-Strike * Counter-Strike: Condition Zero * Counter-Strike Source * Day of Defeat * Day of Defeat: Source * Dystopia (HL2/Source Mod) * Half-Life 2: Deatchmatch * Jedi Academy * Quake III Arena (and some mods) * Ricochet * Team Fortress Classic * Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Tray Application Framework

Languages: C
Date: 2004
Source: TrayFramework @ Github
Basic WinAPI framework for making system tray applications.