SV650 Indicator Replacement

The rubber mounts on my rear indicators rotted off few weeks ago. Replacement time! They arrived just in time for a weekend trip.

These came with the motorcycle when I purchased it, and I managed to find the source. They are the 15 LED Amber indicators from AutoLumination. I really don't recommend them. Poor build quality.

The original wiring harness was cut and the new lights were crimped on. This time around there will be no splicing. New Suzuki/Yamaha compatible leads to universal bullet adapters are being used.

Right now it's held together by scotch tape. It needs to go:

Can't seem to remove the old connectors from under the seat. Bloody hell. Everything has to come apart:

Suddenly, I come up with a better idea. Cut the old ones off. Fish the new ones in from the top. They have squishy ends and can be coerced. Genius! Wish I thought of it before taking 3/4 of the rear end apart.

Turn on the bike and the indicators. If it reads positive, connect the yellow bullet plug from the LED signal to where the red probe is. If negative you have the probes reversed so connect the yellow to the black.

Put everything back together and done!

Turned out my rear brake light was jammed on. Let's take care of that too. Pull it up and adjust the black plastic nut. Clean it a bit too..